Akshaya Patra: Strategies for Capital Growth and Sustainability
beyond the 5 Billion Meal Mark

Akshaya Patra is India's leading NGO working to address the issue of hunger and the impact that it has on education, poverty, and economic mobility in India. As we continue to grow and move ever closer to the benchmark of having served more than 5 billion meals to children in government schools, Akshaya Patra is looking forward. How will we continue to scale our efforts? How do we improve our efficiency and  efficacy? What can Akshaya Patra do now to increase our sustainability for the decade to come?  This session will engage experts in a lively discussion of critical questions and possibilities. 

Akshaya Patra's Role in the Impact Ecosystem: Planning for Participation

Properly invested, philanthropic capital can reap world-changing dividends. Witness the polio near-eradication, ubiquitous fintech platforms like M-PESA, transformative educational content and platforms like World Quant University, and Akshaya Patra's work in India to feed nearly 2 million children and keep them attending school. As we adjust to the complexities of the 21st century, the philanthropic sector has been working alongside business to innovate new tools and perspectives that can reconfigure how philanthropic capital can be better deployed to maximize return. This session will showcase promising solutions being advanced across a range of sectors and geographies, including mission-related investments, social impact bonds, venture philanthropy, outcome-sensitive metrics, and public-private partnerships. We'll also be discussing ways that companies and individuals can establish their own philanthropic vehicles and priorities and maximize their impact.