The November Bay Area TAPForum is  bringing together one hundred solutions-oriented innovators and thought leaders from public, private and civil society sectors to align, act and invest to solve some of the most pressing challenges in India especially classroom hunger, education and women’s empowerment in an integrated way. We see a future that is food secure and equitable, where learning and education are possible and accessible to all. We invite you to join us in shaping how to get there." 

TAPForums enable global dialogue towards alleviating classroom hunger around the world.


The Akshaya Patra Foundation (Food For Education) operates one of the largest NGO-run midday school meal programs in the world; feeding freshly prepared, healthy, lunches to 1.8 million school children in over 16,300 government schools in India every day. 


For many children, this is the only complete meal of the day. The meal is an incentive for children to come to school, stay in school and provides them with necessary nutrients to develop their cognitive abilities and focus on learning. Akshaya Patra operates 51 centralized kitchens through a public-private partnership, combines good management, innovative technology and smart engineering to deliver school lunches, at a cost of only $20 to feed a child for the entire school year. The organization is committed to unlocking children and their families from the vicious and perpetual cycle of poverty.  


Akshaya Patra has access to 1.8 million children daily through its school-feeding program and this is unprecedented. This reach and access is what all stakeholders, including the private sector, specifically entrepreneurs, family offices, foundations and impact investors, can leverage to bring transformative change in the lives of the children served, their families, and their communities. www.foodforeducation.org

Venture Capitalists, Family Offices, Philanthropists, Non Profits, Foundations, CXO’s, Investors, Start Ups, Banks and more.



The exclusive, invitation only forum is organized to build cutting edge solutions to Akshaya Patra’s next expansion phase and really takes a hard look at what success looks like through different lenses. 


This is not a fundraising event, rather it is meant to leverage your experience and outlook  as a successful entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist to provide invaluable insights into the big question of where we expand and how we nurture that expansion.


  • Link together in collaboration

  • Leverage knowledge, knowhow and resources for greater impact

  • Learn from each other to bring transformative change


  • Stakeholders identify concrete opportunities for partnership and investment on high impact collaborative projects, including in India with Akshaya Patra.

  • Stakeholders decide to act by seeing the value in applying their unique perspectives and solutions to solving development challenges in India.

  • Stakeholders form a community of practice around core problems and scalable solution that Akshaya Patra efficiently manages.

Investors have a big part to play in shaping the outcomes of our shared vision for the world by choosing to invest in ways that move us in a positive direction. Social entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations and policymakers are acutely aware of the opportunities that benefit society and can help guide investment.

Investment Banks and other Financial Institution can work with Akshaya Patra to develop social impact focused innovative finance tools (for example, bonds, pay-for-success programs, etc.)

Entrepenuers look for markets to scale impact. Non-profits have access to scale and are looking to do more for their beneficiaries. Akshaya Patra has relationships with schools as an entry point for entrepreneurs to further validate and scale their solutions in health, education, food, financial literacy, and other areas of need.

Non-profits and Public Sector need to collaborate on program design, impact measurement, and fundraising. We can design and execute cross- sector collective impact projects, especially when we are serving the same beneficiaries.


Notable executives from the worlds of private investing, several industry fields, and nonprofit come together to talk about growth, purpose, impact investing and more.